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Александр КАНТОРОВ


It is no easy task for a cultured person to take the average holiday. But the combination of warm weather, seascapes, and lovely music not only strengthens the health, but makes people happier and grants many months’ rest.  For that reason the seaside concerts have always held extraordinary impressions for vacationing tourists and city residents alike.

On the coast of the Finnish Gulf, the orchestra frequently appears in the Zelenogorsk and Primorsky regions. This has become a fine tradition during festivals to the honour of the city.

For some years already Classica’s concerts have been running in Sochi, on the coast of the Black Sea.  In the setting of the concert “The Seasons of St. Petersburg in Sochi”. The goal of the concerts is to revivify the summer-season tradition which from the 1950’s extended for some decades as Sochi became a place of national distinction.  After a long break, this tradition has been revived in force by the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra Classica and its director, Russian Artist of National Distinction A. Kantorov.

The shores of the Italian Mediterranean recently hosted the festival “Imperia Tchaikovsky”.  This not only serves to broaden the impressions of Russian music to the Italian public, but also helps strengthen ties between Russia and Italy, St. Petersburg and the province of Imperia. While in the city of Sanremo in the year 2010, under the initiative of Alexander Kantorov, a monument to the Empress Maria Alexandrovna was erected.  We hope that the geographical scope of these seaside concerts will continue to expand, making the music of the classics up close and accessible.