Оркестр «КЛАССИКА»

главный дирижер

Александр КАНТОРОВ


A sponsorship packet includes:

Free distribution of the PR partner’s printed materials to audiences of concerts organised by the orchestra’s administration.

Placement the partner’s banners, flags and placards in the halls were concerts organised by the orchestra’s administration are to be performed (providing advertising materials is the responsibility of the partner).

Placement logos on the orchestra’s site http://klassika-spb.ru/ with active links under the «Partners» rubric along with visiting cards (brief information and contact details) on the webpage.

Mention of the partner on concert press releases.


Services provided by the PR Partner to the Orchestra include:

Placement of the orchestra’s advertisements in related newspapers (or other print media). Mock-ups are to be provided by the orchestra’s administration with the agreement of the PR partner and technical staff.

Publication about concerts in print media with a volume of 1000 characters.

Placement of official press releases about upcoming concerts on the website of the PR partner.

Placement of http://klassika-spb.ru/, the orchestra’s banner, on the partner’s website.

Once per month, distributing informational letters prepared by the orchestra’s administration and given to the partner about upcoming concerts containing the PR partner’s logo.

Guaranteed participation by one of the PR partner’s representatives in no fewer than three concerts organised by, and with the agreement of, the administration of the orchestra.